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Individual Training

Individual training is a perfect way to get one-on-one attention and improve individual skills. We focus on the main skills needed to perform in games. We focus on shooting mechanics, ball handling, speed, agility, and footwork are the base we look to build from. Each workout is customized to attack the individual’s specific needs and create a fundamental foundation a player can grow from. Each lesson is one hour. 

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Group Training

Skill work is broken down into position specific dynamic drill sequences (i.e. dribbling and attack moves in addition to speed, agility and quickness), which focus on each player’s unique performance goals. We will complete all sessions with competition. Unlike private training, our semi-private training will allow each student-athlete an opportunity to compete against another player of similar age, size, and ability.  A small group consist of 2-6 players.

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Team Training

This intense workout offers a cutting edge small group training that will maximize the skill development, skill consistency, knowledge and understanding of each student-athlete. Workouts will stress endurance, agility, and skill development drills getting each student-athlete in tremendous game shape for any full court action. The goal is to offer every player something they need to get better - hard work, repetition and a competitive edge. 

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Respect The Shooter

Our "Respect The Shooter" program is designed for players to improve different aspects of the art of shooting. This  program will focus on teaching you the proper technique to shoot the basketball.  We will tweak and critique any bad habits that may be hindering you from shooting the basketball better. 


This clinic will allow players to develop the ultimate confidence in free-throws, mid-range shooting, and 3-point shooting.  Players will get the chance to work on shooting mechanics, proper footwork, moving without the ball, shooting of the dribble, catch and shoot, using screens, triple threat footwork, mental focus and much more.


Players will be able to shoot a large amount of shots with our shooting machine. This workout is ideal for all players guards, forwards and centers. 

Shooting is an art form that can only be developed through hard work and repetition. 


With the proper determination and routine, you can become a proficient shooter. Keep in mind that it will take thousands of practice shots to get you where you need to be as a shooter. 

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